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Four examples of fundable equipment for kindergartens and schools

Are you looking for equipment solutions for the renovation or new construction of kindergartens or primary schools? Take advantage of the future support of the coalition committee as part of the 2020/2021 economic stimulus package and discover the robust, child-friendly equipment worlds from HEWI.   

Products used in crèches, daycare centres or schools should be designed to be safe and literally child's play to use. Ease of care and hygiene are also requirements that are already important in equipment solutions for the youngest children.Find out all about the advantages of our individual complete solutions - from the entrance area to the corridor to the children's bathroom.

1 | Solutions for Entrance areas and Corridors

Whether in the entrance area, the group rooms or the sanitary areas - the focus is always on the protection of children. HEWI offers functional and safe fittings for all doors. From the entrance door to interior doors and partition walls, HEWI fittings meet all requirements for safety and easy access - for both children and carers. High-gloss polyamide has a non-porous surface that is less susceptible to germs and easy to clean.

Individual storage solutions can be created with the modular Furniture system M 20. As you like it, the modules can be integrated in every nursery school or primary school corridor. Triple hooks create additional tidiness and set coloured accents. Ergonomic benches in different heights supplement the furniture and fit in harmoniously with the design. The new furniture system is thus suitable for little and bigger users.

2 | Accompanying Hygiene Measures

Sanitary rooms suitable for children support independent hand hygiene. Washing your hands and brushing your teeth is much more fun when the design of the washing area is adapted to the needs of the little users. HEWI offers a complete range of products for the washing area which, with its cheerful colours, virtually invites you to wash and splash around.The product range includes washbasins, mirrors, fittings, toothbrush tumbler rails and accessories such as soap dispensers or toilet roll holders. Individually dispensable paper towels are a hygienic alternative to towels. Selected products such as the washbasin are now available in neutral white or cheerful apple green as well as in fresh aqua blue.
We develop our products according to the Universal Design. This means that we create solutions that can be used by all people equally and independently of physical or psychological conditions. So we naturally also offer you solutions for the inclusive equipment of kindergartens, daycare centres and primary schools.

Equipment solutions for secondary schools

A clear, architectural building structure, well thought-out guidance systems and equipment solutions that can be used intuitively and are self-explanatory have a positive effect on the learning and working atmosphere in educational buildings. HEWI solutions are sustainable and robust. They withstand permanent use in schools, universities and other educational institutions and their design has a motivating effect on joint learning. Hygiene has also become a decisive factor in schools and universities.


3 | Hygiene - not only in the sanitary room

Often hand washbasins are now often found in classrooms to promote hand hygiene. Smaller models fit into the classroom in a space-saving way. The accessories of range 477/801  can be used intuitively - at the washbasin and in the partition area.  

Range 805 Classic offers accessible solutions for shower and toilet areas. For example, students can also be given unrestricted use of sports halls and swimming pools. The products aid and provide reliable support for people with limited strength and mobility. 

4 | Fittings for interior doors, escape and rescue routes

The System 111 fittings are available in both high-gloss polyamide and satin stainless steel and complement the sanitary systems perfectly. System 111 is a particularly resilient hardware solution, even on highly frequented classroom doors.  

HEWI panic bars can be operated intuitively with minimum effort and thus meet the requirements of DIN EN 1125 for panic locks. The doubled grip area made of coloured polyamide visualises the handling and makes it felt too. The HEWI panic bar is also available in the glow version. Photoluminescent elements provide orientation in the dark without power supply. 

HEWI lever handles are suitable for escape and rescue routes according to DIN EN 179. They are an ideal solution for sectional doors. 
Heavy doors can be opened effortlessly with one hand using a lever handle. In addition, the lever handles offer accessible comfort due to their variable handle height. 

With us you receive an all-round carefree package: we offer you innovative products for a well thought-through interior design suitable for children from one source. We will be happy to support you with questions regarding the planning and equipment of your building project.  

You are welcome to contact with us.  

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