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HEWI wins Universal Design Award

Universal Design Award 2019 winner expert
Universal Design Award 2019 winner consumer

HEWI was awarded the Universal Design Award "consumer favorite" and the Universal Design Award "expert favorite" for System 900 and was thus able to convince both the end user and the expert jury. The award honors outstanding products that are future-oriented and can be used across generations. The prize is awarded by the Institute for Universal Design. The Institute for Universal Design has made it its mission to link business, science and society in a socially responsible context.

Our society is changing and with it the demands on architecture and product solutions. HEWI has been meeting this challenge for decades and successfully develops products that always focus on people and their individual needs without losing their aesthetic appeal.
System 900 is the answer to the complex requirements of barrier-free bathrooms. The products are thought through down to the smallest detail - they convince through functionality, lasting quality, clever assembly technology and hygienic design. System 900 combines puristic design with high functionality and a unique assortment depth. For HEWI, good design also means offering options. System 900 is available in stainless steel, chrome and powder-coated in a variety of shades to provide design options.

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