Range guide

Signage made of Stainless Steel

The guide signage range communicates information with clear, internationally understandable pictograms. The guide range can be used to create a detailed guide and orientation system. The signage range includes a large selection of pictograms. The pictorial symbols were designed by Otl Aicher. guide offers the possibility of designing individual text for signs with size 150 x 150 mm. Software that is available online can be used to create the signs easily and quickly. The signs are made of satin finish stainless steel.


Stainless steel, satin finish

Polyamide, white


Signage Product Range

Range guide

The range of symbols available is developed continuously, so that it can be adapted to new circumstances and applications.

Tactile Aid

Range guide

The signage symbols are tactile. It is also possible to attach Braille and raised lettering. Information signs in Braille and raised lettering are important in enabling people with sensory impairments to orientate themselves in the building. Raised lettering can be registered both tactilely and visually. The letters and symbols are presented as three-dimensional prisms and can therefore be felt and read.

Serie Guide - Symbole Frau
Serie Guide - Symbole Barrierefrei
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