System color

Coloured Handrails made of Polyamide

Thanks to the modular product range the color handrail system offers many and diverse possible combinations, enabling solutions that are precisely orientated to individual requirements. The diameter of the System color tubular design is optimally matched to the human hand and can therefore be gripped easily and securely. The pleasantly warm polyamide surface increases gripping comfort.

Apart from preventing falls, handrails are also used as an orientation and guide system for people with impaired vision. Highly contrasting design and tactile aids amplify the effect. The tactile aid can be attached to the handrail, not only with Braille but also with raised lettering.


Through-dyed, seamless polyamide in selected HEWI colours and with a corrosion-proof steel core

Wood (beech, wenge-stained beech, European maple, oak) with elements made of polyamide

HEWI active + (antimicrobial effect) in signal white

DIN 18040
DIN 13411, tested by the MPA materials institute in NRW
DIN 4102, normally flammable (building material class B 2)
DIN 18065
Wood variant: DIN 68861, Part 1 B


Handrail Product Range

System color

A large selection of components enables the handrail to be adapted flexibly to the structural circumstances. All elements are made to fit precisely. System color is available with 40 mm and 33 mm diameter.

Orientation through Contrasts

System color

Handrails must stand out in rich contrast to the background, so that they can be used as an orientation aid by people with impaired vision. The extensive choice of colours offered by System color enables highly contrasting design, matched to the building's colour concept. Detailed information on visual contrast and calculation of the light reflection value (LRV) is available here.

System color
System color
System color
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