Washbasin with concealed gripping edge

User-oriented support in the bathroom

The new HEWI washbasins with concealed, all-round handle edge combine design, functionality and hygiene. They lend an aesthetic accent to the sanitary room in hospitals, senior citizens' homes or nursing homes.
In the private sector, the purist design of the washbasin opens up new aesthetic design possibilities. More and more people want to grow old at home - in their own home, in the family home, in a multi-generational house or in a senior citizens' residential community.
The design of the sanitary rooms is of particular importance in this context. In the future, barrier-free bathrooms will have to be geared to the needs of different users. At the same time, the requirements of users change with increasing age. The new washbasin model meets these requirements. The puristic design of the washbasin with concealed handle edge combines design demands and functionality. The motion sequences of the users are very different.
For individual requirements, the washbasin with concealed handle edge offers more options:
The concealed grip edge in the front area and on the sides of the washbasin allows the wheelchair user to pull himself up to the washbasin independently. The grip edge, which can be grasped underneath, gives all other users a secure hold and serves as a holding, sitting or standing aid if required. The wide contact surfaces offer ample storage space for bathroom utensils within easy reach. This is particularly comfortable when the washbasin is used while seated. The mineral cast washbasin is easy to clean due to its high-gloss, pore-free surface, particularly easy to clean and hygienic.

Product Range


The washbasins are available either for wall-mounted fittings or as a variant for single-hole fittings.

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