Cabinet Hardware

Classic meets newcomer

They should be catchy. Otherwise, the furniture hardware is more discreet. They are paid little attention as long as they work and allow drawers and doors to be opened and closed reliably. In collaboration with etage8 from Leipzig HEWI set itself the task of changing this. The young design office has experience in the healthcare field, Industry 4.0 and universal design – best prerequisites for a cooperation with HEWI. The practical drawer and door openers are available in all HEWI colours. You can choose from a matt or high-gloss surface.

etage8 in Interview

Benjamin Hein & Willi Möller

HEWI: Compared to HEWI, etage8 is a relatively young deign office. What sets etage8 apart?  Does it have its own design principles?

etage8: We stand for proven integrated designs with a high level of commitment to the field of universal design. Specifications and requirements given to us by the client for the design process are never restrictive or obstructing for us. Instead, this is an opportunity and challenge for us. We believe design to be infinite - each new task allows us to become specialists in a further field. Complete submersion in a task - as freely as possible - it our credo. We take a critical look at the product and, from this distance, we come up with something new.


HEWI: A furniture handle is a relatively unspectacular product. What options are there for creative design?


etage8:  It is this apparently unspectacular nature that is the big attraction for us. And this is are starting point. The challenge is in creating something new.  Breaking down the conflict that it is a purely functional product.  Designing something that is as good and works as well as the long-standing HEWI furniture handle, but which still represents a further development. It is therefore not difficult for us to be creative here.

HEWI: Surfaces and colour options are something that distinguishes HEWI fro the rest. How is this reflected in the furniture handles?


etage8: Colour and the materials that distinguish HEWI have always been ever-resent for us. Colour and flawless polyamide surfaces are elements strongly connected to the brand. This is why we feel it is essential to ensure this flows to 100% into the design of the furniture handles. We developed them from the colour.  A colour changes considerably during the course of a day and is always dependent on the material. This is why it was also important to take the surface quality - matt and high-gloss - into account.