Panic Bar to EN 1125

Safety at the Exit Door

The design and fitout of buildings should focus on people's safety. Securing exit routes is especially important. Special solutions for exit doors must enable fast escape in an emergency. This means that a user must be able to open emergency exits by hand with minimum effort and without prior knowledge of how to operate the panic exit device. HEWI panic bars can be operated intuitively with minimum effort and therefore fulfil the EN 1125 requirements for panic door devices.


Satin finish stainless steel/Polyamide handle

DIN EN 1125
To fulfil the EN 1125 requirements the panic bar may only be used with jointly tested and certified locks.

NOA Produktdesign, Aachen

25 mm
iF product design award 2007
nomminiert: designpreis bundesrepublik deutschland 2008
red dot award 2007
universal design award: consumer favorit 2014

Panic bar glow

Guide in the dark

The luminescent elements of the panic bar glow show the escape route out of the building even in the dark. The ambient light saves special pigments which shine in the dark. The panic bar glow works completely without power and improves orientation and safety on escape and emergency routes thanks to its fluorescent elements.

Precise fitting installation

Telescopic panic bar

Precise fitting installation is particularly easy due to the telescopic extendability (710 – 1580 mm) of the panic bar. This enables the panic bar to be easily adjusted to the required fixing width. Find out more by watching the video.

The "Two Senses" Principle

Sight and Touch

With the HEWI panic bar, information on how to operate it is communicated via two senses: The double handle area made of coloured polyamide visualises the handling and it is also perceptible to the touch thanks to the tactile surface. The door opens when pressure is applied to the horizontal bar. By identifying the optimum pressure point according to the "two senses" principle the panic bar fulfils the DIN 18040 requirements for accessible building.

Handle polyamide
Handle stainless steel

Product Range

Escape Route Solutions to EN 1125

HEWI panic bars are easy and intuitive to use. The gripping area made of high-quality polyamide is available in selected HEWI colours.