System 111

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HEWI’s styling is based on the traditional Bauhaus design maxims. Contemporary and timeless design, a style that is reduced to the essential and deliberate use of colour closely link System 111 to the Bauhaus.
Bauhaus style was Avantgarde in its day. The Bauhaus myth stands for vision and free-thinking.
The 'Art  and technology  - a new unity' principle summarises the Bauhaus philosophy. It therefore triggered a paradigm shift in the design process. Well designed everyday products that can be produced industrially took over from unique artistic works. This reduces architecture and product design to the shape and utilisation without any art-theory ado. Initially influenced by expressionism and the De Stijl movement, Bauhaus designers and architects were searching for new techniques and forms. Creating products from the material, challenging established assumptions, embracing new production methods and materials not only describe the Bauhaus philosophy but also that of HEWI. In 1969 Rudolf Wilke developed the System 111. Brilliant colours, high-gloss surfaces and patented hardware and an unbeatably durable quality have made System 111 a design icon.


Polyamide with steel core

HEWI active+ (polyamide with antimicrobial finish)
Class 3 and 4
DIN 18273
DIN 18040
ÖNORM B 1600
SIA 500
HEWI, Bad Arolsen 23 mm
21,3 mm
20 mm

Stainless Steel

DIN EN 1906
Klasse 3 und 4
DIN EN 179
DIN 18273
DIN 18040
ÖNORM B 1600
SIA 500
HEWI, Bad Arolsen 21,3 mm
iF - Die gute Industrieform
Universal Design
Design Plus

Design icon

System 111 | The Original

The System 111 style is pure and classic which makes System 111 so versatile. Even 50 years after it was launched, System 111 is a design icon that is still making its mark on our surroundings. It is little wonder that System 111 has been copied many times. As Oscar Wilde one said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Experts feel the difference: The steel core inside lends the lever handle the necessary stability. Precise production allows flawless surfaces. The authenticity can be clearly confirmed by a hidden detail. The HEWI logo is engraved in the end of the original lever handle that points toward the door leaf. It can be felt easily with your fingertip. By the way, the number below the wording is the diameter of the lever handle.

Design rich in contrast
Design rich in contrast

Setting clever contrasts

Material diversity

Matt sanded stainless steel lends the System 111 a classic look and feel.HEWI celebrated the 50th anniversary with a re-edition. Perfectly matched colours and a matt surface prove how modern System 111 is. System 111 is available in the matt edition with two different attachment options – with the mini rose and with a flat rose in a bicolor version. This new interpretation is extremely pleasant to the touch. System 111 in matt edition matt creates an interesting contrast between practicality and sensuality. Perfect deep black, deep white or discreet anthracite-grey underscore the matt surface of the polyamide lever handle. The matt surface of the metal rose reflects the surface of the polyamide lever handle. The high-gloss rose sets a clever contrast. Metal tones in copper, brass, black chrome or stainless steel create a harmonious overall picture with lever handles.

System 111 - Polyamide
System 111 - Stainless steel
New Colours

High-gloss surfaces in coloured polyamide have turned System 111 into a design icon. Colour allows design options and space for creativity. However, colour can also be used functionally. Differentiated colour contrasts facilitate the perception of everyday objects (there is more information abut the LRV value here).