System 815

Accessories Range

Basic geometric shapes define the style of System 815. Elements made of curved steel emphasise the discreet design of the sanitary system and lend it its lightness. Despite the minimalist use of materials, the bathroom accessories for the washbasin, toilet and shower are characterised by their high degree of functionality. System 815 is available not only with a high-gloss chrome finish but also with coloured fixing elements made off high-quality polyamide. The circular fixing elements made of polyamide are available in all 16 HEWI colours and invite you to play with colour. The inserts, for example, a soap dispenser or tumbler, are optionally made of coloured polyamide or satin-finish crystal glass.

Colour and material options 
Phoenix Design, Stuttgart/Suzhou


Material Options

System 815

The sanitary system is optionally available with a high-quality chrome finish or fixing elements made of high-quality polyamide. The components made of polyamide can be coloured on request - 16 HEWI colours are available to choose from.