Hinged Support Rails

Safety and Support

A hinged support rail provides assistance for people with limited strength and mobility. An ergonomically designed, flat gripping plane enables secure holding and stability. The dimensions of the HEWI hinged support rails are designed for optimal gripping. The front end of the rail can be easily surrounded with the hand, so that it easy for the user to support themselves on it or to pull themselves up. The hinged support rail can be complemented with comfort and convenience elements, for example, an upgrade kit for a toilet roll holder or an armpad for particularly pleasant support. The hinged support rails can be folded up against the wall to save space. Fixed support rails are also available. The hinged support rail Duo has an additional, round bottom rail and this provides optimum support for moving sidewards onto the toilet.


Stainless steel

NOA Produktdesign, Aachen

Material and design selection

Functional design

A large choice of materials (polyamide, stainless steel, chrome and WARM TOUCH) and designs provides design options, so that the hinged support rail can b e selected to match the sanitary accessories. The hinged support rails are available as a mono variant with one gripping level or as a duo version with a second rail, which makes it easier to transfer from the wheelchair to the WC. A floor support can also be added to the duo hinged support rails. They are available in different lengths, so that they fulfil the country-specific requirements for accessible building.


Mobile Hinged Support Rails

Hinged Support Rails

Mobile hinged support rails provide reliable support and can be used flexibly. If it is needed the portable hinged support rail is simply latched into the permanently installed mounting plate. If the hinged support rail is not needed it can also be removed easily and the mounting plate can be concealed with a masking cap.

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Flexible use

LifeSystem can be used flexibly, is adjustable and extendable. In this way the accessibility products can be individually adjusted to the respective users. The length of the hinged support can be set to the body measurements of the user.

Adjustable grip pad

The grip pad can be pushed forwards or backwards in 50 mm increments with little technical effort. The stable joint enables cushioned raising and lowering of the handle.