Variety of shapes

Complete your bathroom with a bathroom mirror. Timeless design and high quality - these are the quality criteria that distinguish HEWI mirrors. With or without lighting, round or square: With HEWI, you have the choice between the most varied designs, which are optimally tailored to the various requirements. Our assortment includes: LED light mirrors, cosmetic mirrors, tilting mirrors and classic mirrors.

Bathroom mirrors are not only practical and functional, they are also an essential design element. HEWI bathroom mirrors not only guarantee the highest level of functionality for your individual requirements. In addition, our models integrate perfectly into the various sanitary series thanks to their timeless design. Thanks to our cross-system modular principle, you can design your bathroom so consistently in a uniform system. Discover your possibilities with HEWI!


Float glass with backpainting
Adjustable mirror: all-round frame made of MDF,
with high-quality varnished surface Crystal glass with integrated anti-shatter film

Phoenix Design, Stuttgart/Suzhou
HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH

Adjustable mirrors

Timeless classics reissued

HEWI is adding new illuminated and non-illuminated models to its range of tilting mirrors in order to offer more comfort for the user in this area as well. In addition to the new Series 801 adjustable mirror - in an unlit version - two adjustable mirrors with integrated LED illumination are available.
HEWI has integrated modern lighting technology into the tilting mirrors that have proven themselves on the market, which is available in the LED basic and LED plus versions. LED basic illuminates with high-quality aluminium lighting profiles in neutral white. LED plus has unique lighting functions in the tilting mirror segment. The user can flexibly adjust the light on the mirror to suit his individual needs. In addition to the continuously adjustable light temperature from warm white to cold white, the light intensity can also be dimmed.
The light control of LED plus is carried out by a current- and battery-free Bluetooth radio wall switch. HEWI thus opens up an optimum placement at the wash place - geared to the individual needs of the user. The control element is available in high-gloss polyamide in all HEWI colours or in the matt edition in black, grey and white tones.

Cross-generational bathroom systems

Accessible models for the family bathroom

Cross-generational bathroom systems - barrier-free models for the family bathroom. Accessibility is a system at HEWI - of course also for mirrors. A continuous bathroom mirror that extends to the top edge of the washbasin is suitable for both standing and seated persons. Our range includes both wide and narrow models, which fit perfectly even in bathrooms with pitched roofs. These requirements are also met by a tilting mirror, which you can adjust flexibly with a handle. This allows the inclination of the mirror in a shared bathroom to be ideally adapted to the respective requirements. HEWI tilting mirrors are available with or without lighting. The ergonomically shaped handle, which is available in many different colours, provides individual accents in the bathroom.


Product Range

High-quality mirrors in HEWI quality

Illuminated bathroom mirrors offer the advantage that the mirror image is optimally reflected. This is especially important if there is no window in your bathroom that throws daylight into the room. We supply illuminated bathroom mirrors in both round and square shapes. A high-quality LED mirror should illuminate the reflection both uniformly and glare-free. Because the LEDs of the HEWI bathroom mirrors with lighting are located behind a satin-finished mirror edge, your mirror image is uniformly illuminated - without dazzling. The LED mirrors reproduce the colours unadulterated. The warm white LED light also creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Even more comfortable - especially in small rooms - is an illuminated mirror cabinet that offers you plenty of storage space in addition to your mirror image: Bathroom utensils are conveniently stored behind the doors and protected from prying eyes, so the mirror cabinet ensures order and structure in the bathroom. We offer models with double doors as well as those with one door, optionally with right or left stop, so that you will find the perfect space solution for yourself in our range.

Are you looking for a classic bathroom mirror without a shelf? We offer wall mirrors in various shapes and sizes as well as the matching accessories for bathroom mirrors. The size of the mirror depends first and foremost on how much space is available in your bathroom. In our portfolio you will find the perfect bathroom mirror for every space requirement, also made of high-quality crystal, which gives the bathroom an elegant flair.

Cosmetic mirrors show you your mirror image down to the smallest detail with the practical magnification function. The two-sided HEWI cosmetic mirrors, available in round and square, are mirrored on both sides - with one concave and one flat side each. And so that you can really see all the details in the mirror, the cosmetic mirrors are optionally available with LED lighting. Thanks to the movable double articulated arm, you can position the bathroom mirror as you need it.

Bathroom mirrors are an indispensable part of bathrooms and sanitary facilities and must meet special requirements in humid and warm environments. With HEWI you are opting for quality Made in Germany, which meets the highest demands and stands for durability. Bathroom mirrors in HEWI quality: sophisticated design and high-quality materials. All HEWI bathroom mirrors are of high quality and designed to meet the requirements of the sanitary sector. We only use high-quality materials for the models so that you can enjoy our products for a long time - be it selected float glass or precious crystal glass. In addition, our mirrors have a stable mounting system.