Range 805 Classic

Tubular Design

The classic variant of Range 805 enables functional, tubular room design. The design is based on further development of Range 801. The stainless steel variant integrates fully into the room due to its reduced style.
Made of satin finish stainless steel, Range 805 Classic has many advantages: The material is particularly robust and easy care. The stable construction not only provides protection against vandalism and misuse but is also safe to use. Especially in public areas, it is important to enable all people to take part in public life without barriers, regardless of their physical capabilities. Range 805 Classic was designed for this purpose.

Colour and material options 
HEWI, Bad Arolsen
iF product design award 2008

Robust Material

Range 805 Classic

Stainless steel has a non-porous and therefore a particularly hygienic surface. Minimum care is sufficient to prevent dirt, bacteria or microorganisms from attaching themselves to the surface. The material is extremely robust and resistant to scratches or other damage and is therefore ideal for use in public areas.

Range 805 Classic
Range 805 Classic

System Solution made of Stainless Steel

Range 805 Classic

The range includes both sanitary accessories as well as accessibility products. The sanitary range can be combined with the hardware System 111 made of stainless steel. The circum handrail system and the guide signage system complement Range 805 Classic.