Range 805

Reduced Design – a Degree of Functionality

The reduced design of Range 805 enables clear structuring of a room. Down to the smallest detail, this Range shows that good design and intelligent functions form an integrated whole. The functional area of the products made of high-quality polyamide is in a contrasting colour. By using polyamide the controls are pleasant to grip. Because of their colour, they are highly contrasting and set themselves apart, therefore making them easy to recognise. Universal Design takes into account the needs of all users. Range 805 was developed on the basis of this philosophy. The Range not only includes classic sanitary accessories and other products with a slightly supporting effect, but also items with complex accessibility functions for use in the standardised public segment. A selection of dispenser products is also available as a non-contact variant.

Colour and material options 
NOA Produktdesign, Aachen
iF product design award 2008
red dot award: product design 2008 honourable mention

Functionality and Design

Range 805

The sanitary range 805 was developed for use in public space. It is characterised by a high degree of functionality. For example, the dispenser products have integrated level indicators, which help to keep the consumables such as soap or paper towels stocked. The choice of material and design facilitate cleaning of the products.

Range 805
Range 805

System Solution made of Stainless Steel

Range 805

Clarity in stainless steel characterises the sanitary System 805 as well as the lever handle Range 180. The reduced style, the modular structure and comprehensive functions make them universally usable. Range 805 is completed by the circum stainless steel handrail system and the guide signage range.