Support Rails

Stability and Safety

Support rails provide safety and support in all areas of the sanitary room – whether at the washbasin, the toilet or in the shower. Easy to grip surfaces and cross-sections adjusted to the hand enable dynamic gripping and effective transfer of effort.  HEWI support rails allow easy, comfortable and above all flexible use. Discrete supports and extremely flat roses underline the reduced design. A large choice of materials (chrome, stainless steel, polyamide and WARM TOUCH) provides design options.

Stainless steel

NOA Produktdesign, Aachen

Material and design variety

Reliable support in the bathroom

Mobile support rails

Forward-looking bathroom design

Mobile support rails enable forward-looking bathroom design. For example, the individual mounting plates can be installed in advance. If the support rail is no longer required, the mounting plates are concealed with cover caps. If the support rail is to be used, the cover caps simply have to be dismantled and the support rail hooked into the mounting plates. The support rail is fixed securely with the help of grub screws.