System 800

Comfort to Care

System 800 unites organic shapes with puristic design. Harmonious radii and clear lines characterise the accessories. System 800 is the perfect combination of clarity, emotionality and function. The modular structure of the sanitary system opens up diverse possible combinations, so that the bathroom can be designed completely to individual wishes. System 800 includes accessories for the washbasin, toilet and shower as well as accessibility products. The System 800 accessibility products are matched to the user – they are ergonomically designed, provide secure grip and reliable support. They make the bathroom even more comfortable and convenient.

Colour and material options
Phoenix Design, Stuttgart/Suzhou
iF product design award 2011
german design award 2011
interior innovation award
universal design: consumer favorite award 2010
IFA usability park Publikumspreis 2010

One Shape – Two Materials

System 800

Large radii and harmonious lines characterise System 800. System 800 K was developed on the basis of these design elements. The System 800 material variant is made of high-quality polyamide.

System 800
System 800

Design options enable a wide range of uses for System 800. The System 800 holder elements and brackets have high-quality chrome-plated finish. These can be combined with inserts made of white polyamide or satin-finish crystal glass.

System 800 K
System 800 K

The deliberate use of colour in System 800 K is not only for design reasons but also to fulfil functional criteria. Coloured elements (optionally in orange, apple green, anthracite grey or ruby red) set fresh accentuation and facilitate orientation and intuitive use of the products.

System Solution in Universal Design

System 800

One design, based on large radi, high-quality materials and intuitive usability in line with universal design criteria, characterises both the sanitary System 800 and the hardware Range 260. System 800 can also be combined with HEWI universal products and freestanding accessories.