System 800 K

Colours & Care

System 800 K is based on the design principles of System 800 – the clear style and characteristically large radii were picked up for the System 800 K material variant. The system is made of high-quality polyamide. Brilliant white is the basic colour of sanitary System 800 K. Functional elements can be designed in colour on request. You can choose between orange, apple green, anthracite grey and ruby red. The deliberate use of highly contrasting colours characterises the system made of polyamide – this facilitates orientation and makes intuitive use possible. Due to the material, System 800 K is especially suitable for the care sector. The non-porous surface is easy to clean and is pleasant to touch.

Colour and material options  Phoenix Design, Stuttgart/Suzhou
NOA Produktdesign, Aachen
iF product design award 2011
german design award 2011
interior innovation award
universal design: consumer favorite award 2010
IFA usability park Publikumspreis 2010

Intuitive Use

Facilitate Perception

Deliberately used coloured contrasts facilitate orientation and enable intuitive use. As only the functional elements of System 800 K are coloured, they are highlight and their function is clearly illustrated. If the functional elements are also in a colour contrasting with the surroundings, they also become easy to perceive for people with impaired vision.